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Peace Comes From Within

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April 23, 2015
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April 27, 2015
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Peace Comes From Within

 Morning Musings from my journal…



Peace comes from within.

It is always there… in the space between our cells.

When our thoughts and actions excite our cells, they vibrate more intensely, and it becomes more challenging to hear the peace that naturally resides within.

Yet the vibration can hear.  When given the chance, it can hear the stillness.

If we can slow our mind and calm our actions,
peace will come forward.

But perhaps that implies great effort to you.

In truth, we need only step out of the busy-ness, and let our natural state emerge.

Nature is so good at transitioning us into peace.  It helps us to set aside the intensities we have created in our life, and find some truly needed space.  A simple walk in nature can clear our minds and bring us into a calmer, clearer state.

Remember, like all of creation, we are made up of atoms that are mostly space…

and that space holds peace.


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