When the Going Get's Tough...

When the Going Get’s Tough…

Peace Comes From Within
April 24, 2015
Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment? Is­n’t that called LIFE?
May 13, 2015
Peace Comes From Within
April 24, 2015
Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment? Is­n’t that called LIFE?
May 13, 2015


You’ve heard that old saying,


“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”


Do you believe it?  Do you believe in your own resilience?




We really are incredible beings… adaptable, strong and courageous.


Look what you have been through in your life.  I’m sure you’ve experienced many highs and lows that have helped forge who you are today.


The gamut of our experiences is wide ranging. We struggle through loss, relationship challenges, jobs and finances… and even our own self esteem. And through all of these trials and tribulations, we emerge… stronger… more resilient… with greater depth than before.


Of course, while we are in the midst of our challenges, things might not look that promising!  It is hard to see the potential gifts that life has offered up, the gifts hidden within our hardships.


I know my own hardships have brought me many gifts.  Gifts I feel truly blessed to have experienced.  I am able to feel gratitude for the difficulties that brought those gifts to me, for without them, I would have missed out on the wisdom & insight, the self discovery, and the possibility to believe in myself.

And hopefully these days (fingers crossed), I can learn with grace & ease!


And if that is not what is presented to me at any point in my life, I have the wisdom to know that this too shall pass, that I am loved and supported, and that anything is possible. I strive to keep the teachings my challenges bring me and let the pain go.


Life comes to us in cycles; we all experience those ups and downs.  We just need to dig deep and ride the wave.  If you are in the midst of your down cycle, know that there are things that can help you.


Maybe you feel discouraged… overwhelmed… helpless or hopeless… BUT I assure you, YOU HAVE A DEPTH OF STRENGTH AND RESILIENCE that can get you through.  I believe in you!


If you need help navigating your obstacle path or working through the issues that keep you from health, happiness and peace… Reach Out.  I’m here to help.


Be proud of every scar on your heart, each one holds a lifetime’s worth of lessons.  ― Wallace Stegner

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