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Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment? Is­n’t that called LIFE?

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April 27, 2015
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May 14, 2015
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Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment? Is­n’t that called LIFE?

I’m of­ten asked to cat­e­go­rize the ser­vice I of­fer in my busi­ness. It’s chal­leng­ing for me be­cause they usu­ally don’t list en­ergy work, trans­for­ma­tion or ‘woo woo’ as op­tions. For lack of a bet­ter place, I of­ten end up choos­ing “Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment.”

Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment?  Is­n’t that called LIFE?

I be­lieve per­sonal de­vel­op­ment is in­evitable if we are here on this earth in a body.  It does­n’t mat­ter what we do, we are go­ing to ex­pe­ri­ence things that change us and help us evolve.  We are con­stantly learn­ing new ways of be­ing, do­ing and think­ing.  EvVitruvian Manen if we do the same thing all the time, life will find a way to mix it up for us—whether we like it or not!

Some of us choose to consciously participate in our personal development.  We do things like self exploration, release work, reflection.  Even on that path LIFE likes to throw in a few curves… especially when we think we have a handle on things.   After all, ‘personal development’ is NOT predictable.

One of the reasons I do my personal work consciously is because I am happier and healthier in my day-to-day life.  And when those curves do come, I am better able to deal with them.  I can respond instead of react.  I am astonished by the positive changes I’ve seen  within myself, and that makes it all worthwhile.

I also appreciate seeing those ‘stuck spots’ because if I don’t know they are there, how can I do anything about them?

Some of my most difficult experiences have provided me with the most incredible gifts.  Sometimes you have to dig really deep to find a level of strength and courage you never knew you had.  I believe that the Universe loves and supports us and continuously offers experiences for our growth and evolution. And that is not always comfortable.

But all those experiences have helped me develop into the person I am today.  The same can be said by you and everyone else.

be-511552_1280The good news is that if you don’t like who you’ve turned out to be or how you’ve BEcome, you can change it.  Whether you believe it or not, you have choice, and as soon as you accept responsibility for your reactions, the closer you are to empowerment.

If you are stuck in victim mode, you have given away your power.  Call your power back.  If you harbour regrets or unresolved emotions from your past, they can be released.  But you must choose to let them go!

There are numerous tools and techniques that can help us become empowered.  As we let go of old issues and clear away limiting beliefs, we find more freedom, more peace, and become more of our true Self.

And whether we do it consciously or not, the Universe will keep bringing us opportunities for growth and development.  We are tempered by LIFE, and it constantly encourages us to evolve.




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