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On Being an Empath

Journey of Discovery
August 14, 2013
The Joys of Massage
August 14, 2013
Journey of Discovery
August 14, 2013
The Joys of Massage
August 14, 2013


Often empaths don’t even realize that their level of feeling is an intuitive skill.  After all, it is just the way they are, ‘hard wired’ when they came into this world. Empaths tend to have large energy fields that are more diffuse than other people’s that can read energetic vibrations.


Many empaths are very good listeners; they are compassionate, and feel good to other people. Perhaps that is because some empaths can actuallySad FAce be processing emotions or energy for others – whether they know it or not.  A tell tale sign… Do you have friends or family that call you when they are feeling angry or upset, sad or lost, only to find at the end of the conversation, they are feeling much better, and you are feeling heavy or not as good as you did before?


When considering intuition, being empathic is often overlooked. Most people prefer their messages as clairvoyance or clairaudience. Perhaps they are seen as more glamorous, high profile, or real?  But there is nothing more real than feeling and experiencing one’s intuition on a physical level.


Sometimes being empathic is referred to as being a sensitive, a word that can hold triggers for many people. Some people interpret being sensitive as being weak or unable to handle things. This is not necessarily so, especially for empaths who are handling more than their own energy systems, feelings and emotions.


Having ‘feeling’ as an intuitive skill has many rewards. First, you are always connected with your guidance system. You don’t have to wait for a  message or vision to come to you.  The feeling, sensation or emotion is already there; all you have to do is recognize it. And depending on your level or type of empathy, it can be relatively easy to interpret, or at least some degree of the message.  I have clairvoyant friends who will sometimes give me a symbol as a message they have received, but when I ask them what it means, they don’t always know.  For an empath even at Happy Facethe most basic level, things either feel good or bad. If your energy system is more discerning, there are more levels of information being offered, and may need to interpret.  And as with all things, when you practice, you get better. As you practice using your sense of feeling for guidance, you become more sensitive and energetically discerning, and your ability grows.


The downside of being an empath is that you can’t just turn it off. But you can learn to manage it. Learning how to decipher what belongs to you and what belongs to another is a big step.  Listen to your emotions – don’t hide from them or try to stuff them down – they hold messages for you. Refer to Abraham-Hicks and their emotional scale or their book, The Power of Emotions, to find a simple, yet highly effective way to use your emotions as a guidance system.  Listen to your body sensations – do those around you make you feel anxious, or make your voice crackle?  Awareness is key for an empath.


Some people believe that you must protect yourself with white light, a bubble or similar. It is my experience that having an open and clear energy field is the best way to keep clear. When you are open, other people’s stuff can flow through without getting stuck. It’s not always easy to be that open though!

If you are worried about picking ‘things’ up from others, feel unsafe or unsure, take whatever precautions you feel necessary. Simply sitting with a small mirror near can help bounce back unwelcome energy to its rightful owner. Put a small piece of shungite or other black stone in your pocket. Take a salt bath.


If you think you might be an empath, and have difficulty picking up other people’s emotions, you might consider the Empath Tool Kit.


Happy feeling!


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