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The Joys of Massage

On Being an Empath
August 14, 2013
Finding Peace
August 14, 2013

On occasion, a friend of mine who is trained in aromatherapy massage comes for a visit, and I am treated to a fine massage.  I always intuit what essential oils my body wants to use, and sometimes the blends are marvelous!


My friend came over last week, and I’d like to share the recipe we came up with.  It smelled so wonderful and was so relaxing.


MassageFor an incredibly relaxing massage, try:

1 drop Black Pepper essential oil

2 drops Geranium essential oil

2 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil

We used jojoba oil as the carrier oil, about ¾ oz or 20 mls.


Make sure your oils are top quality.


Relax and enjoy!


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