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Your Masterpiece Called Life

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June 22, 2016
Body Mind Connection
August 12, 2016

As a healer, guide and mentor, many people who seek my service are in distress—in one form or another. And as I work with them, I am always amazed at just how fascinating each person is.

Yes, each and every person!

A beautiful collage of emotion, experience and expression…  No 2 exactly alike…  Even if two are sharing the same experience, they are standing in slightly different spots, with slightly different perspectives, and completely different interpretations.

That’s what makes us so unique!  There is absolutely no one else that is you.  Ever has or ever will be…

Linda3What may look as a weed to some, is a source of beauty or sustenance or joy to another.  How do you look at yourself?

I’ve often thought how incredible it must be for our Source… billions of souls with which to experience all faucets of life through…  each one a gift unto itself.

I find it fascinating to see how things connect energetically—how this issue is link to this and that, and underneath it all something totally different…   We are not just 3 dimensional beings!  Our physical form may be, but underneath, there is a symphony of highs and lows that express our multi-dimensional being.

I’ve seen time and time again, both in own life and in the lives of those I work with, how the challenges we face shape us, make us stronger and in some way help us express our gift to the world.  But when we are in the midst of the chaos, it doesn’t feel like that!  Lost in no man’s land rather.

But when you look back, maybe years in the future, you can see your resilience.

When I look at others, I can see such beauty and greatness in them—usually much more than they can see in themselves, and often much more than I can see in myself.

I believe we are all sparks of the Divine… here with certain gifts and possibilities that in some way contribute to the whole as well as our own growth.  Oh, if we could only see ourselves from the outside in, if we could look at ourselves as the Divine does, perhaps we could see what masterpieces we are!



Originally published in The Magic Happens Now – July 2016 edition:

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