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June 20, 2016
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August 4, 2016

Joy is both the fundamental opening to life force energy and the simultaneous appreciation of life itself.  It is an acceptance of ‘what is’ in the moment, which simultaneously opens the door to more—more joy, more health, more abundance, more sustenance.  It feeds the soul and is an excellent guide to direct us on our path.

Without joy, we close down the depth of possibility that is available to us.

Joy has a quality of light and expansiveness.  It allows us to connect with others, to open our hearts, radiate outward, and feel the gifts and blessings that life has to offer.

Used as a compass, it can guide us toward our life purpose and assist us in bringing our gifts to fruition—the gifts we are here to share with the world.

When I connect with joy, I feel alive, grateful to life, and filled with like.  It feels like a bright shining light… That I can touch the souls of all around me, magnetically uplifting, soothing and inspiring…  Like the veils of darkness and disconnection have somehow been lifted…  Like I am opening to a higher source of love, life and creativity.

Our natural state of joy is awakened by giving to others, giving with an open heart.  We can allow the same possibility and potential for others by receiving their heart-felt gifts… and that includes time, attention, energy, authentic expression of emotion.  The gifts need not have a dollar value – in fact the best ones don’t!

Joy is a forgotten commodity in our busy lives today, yet it is easily accessed when we step out of the mind and into the heart of our being.

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