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A Message On Transition…

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June 13, 2016
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June 22, 2016

Today I am sharing a channeled message I received on Transition and how to embrace change.


“Child, breathe deeply, center yourself in the core of your being.


Transition, child, is imperative for life to evolve.  We understand that at times it is uncomfortable.  It is in the ‘not knowing,’ the uncertainty of direction and lack of clarity.  However it does not mean that there are not those things—for they are there—your awareness is simply veiled from them in these instances.


In such times, breathe… focus your center in the core of your being and be still there.  Feel that space in your center, your strength, your resilience, your faith.  Know that there is knowing, direction and clarity.  Know you are held dearly by all Creation.


When you sit more within your own energy, you will develop a keen sense of resonance, of vibrational match, for that which your soul desires.  Sit in this energy.  Stop talking around it and sit within.  Take note of this for your soul is making a request to you.  The fulfillment you seek is not far from your grasp.  Sit in your energy!


What does this have to do with the transition?


As things fall from your pleasure, your joy of life, as things change internally… any state of confusion you may have keeps you stagnant.  You ask, “How can your goals, your dreams and desires fall by the wayside, not even fulfilled?”  “Where is the purpose in that?”


We tell you clearly and directly that this was NOT your purpose, NOT your fulfillment, NOT your direction for life. Learned from it you have, and received many gifts, but now it is time to let it fall by the wayside and let the true dream manifest.

light emission from the heart

The dream that connects you to Source and all life, that fulfills you and gives you purpose, that evolves your soul and your life expression.  That is the transition you are in.


And we ask you to sit in the lower heart chakra to fuel the transition and align with your divinity.”


May it bring you comfort and inspiration, as it does for me.



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