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Energetic Protection

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This is a continuation of a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well. You’ll find the first journey here.


This experiential journey is with Poison Oak.

As I begin the journey process and meet with Thoth, he is hold open a black lace curtain that leads to a back room. Through the curtain I can see people sitting around a round table; it looks like they are playing poker. There are men and women, some ladies dressed like salon girls. It all feels rather secretive and mysterious.

As I walk through the door, I transform into a seed. A breeze blows up and sends me through an open window. I am tossed about, and at one point I collide with a young man. He looks and feels so real; I can sense his energy, and then I am off again… I float for some time, tossed around in the wind, until I hit a stillness that feels like a vacuum of space, and I fall.

The pointed edge of my seed plants itself in the earth while the rest of me remains above ground. It feels very much like I am of two worlds. A stronger wind blows and covers me with dirt and dust…no more light, only cold and clammy.

I can feel new sensations waking up in my body as I start to grow, twisting and turning, and unusual energies as I expand both upward, breaking through the ground, and downward, going deeper into the earth. It feels so strange to have bark for skin. Everything is moving in slow motion in this cold, dark almost desolate space. There is a feeling of separate or aloneness. 

Then the sun shines on me, warming me and bringing light, sparking what feels like energy rising within me, life force energy. I become aware of energy around my skin or bark, almost lie an electric force field, and I’m all tingly. I feel very secure, very safe, very comfortable within my own space. I am told I can use this energy daily until I am better able to discern what is of me or of others.

This journey was full of body sensations and awareness. I also had many visitors that took human form. At one point, I was visited by the spirit of my great uncle Elias but he was younger than I had ever seen him when he was alive. He was looking at me, up so close to me that I could see the pores of his skin. So real, as he turned his head. For an instant his face morphed into my dad’s and he winked at me, as if to say, “Yes it is me!”, and then he turned back to Elias. I was watching another group of young men interact and then I was called back into the journey.

As the energy dispersed, I placed my consciousness into a berry that was growing on my plant body so the cycle could start again… and returned to my human form to meet with Thoth.

Thoth appeared as a woman (for the very first time), with long blonde hair, bangs and dark-rimmed glasses, a country-style plaid blouse made of a light gauze-like cotton and jeans. “A female?” I thought, and he reminded me that he can take many forms. He showed me an image of me, turning upside down as if I was on an immersion table (without the table). I received the understanding that my energy reverses at times when under the influence of others. This can happen without my awareness, but if I pay attention, I can be aware of it, and it is something that would benefit me greatly if I corrected.

I asked Thoth how I can use the energy of the electric force field I had experienced. He took a ruby red berry and placed it in my thymus, and told me just to tap it to clear and protect my energy.


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