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Dropping Old Habits & Beliefs with Ease

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November 26, 2020
Does Your Soul have a Divine Blueprint?
December 14, 2020

My good friend, Miche Meizner reminds us all that it’s not too late!! She has just launched her radio show called the Not too Late Show and promptly invited me to be her guest. We had a great conversation, with a little energy healing mixed in for good measure.

Tune in for some interesting perspectives, and to experience an energetic belief shift around STRUGGLE associated with CHANGE, as well as a Living Waters healing to open us up to experiencing more gratitude in our lives.  Bring your water coffee or tea to the replay!


Click here to listen.


Miche is a skilled healer and life coach, and has been my guest twice on Exploring the Mystical Side of Life. First, on Spoon Bending and how to use the power of the mind to bend reality, and then sharing her Cosmic Attunement energy process.

Without a doubt, Miche is one of my favourite people, and I am always happy to spend time exploring and expanding consciousness, spirituality.  I hope you’ll be able to listen in!


What are people saying about this interview?


That was absolutely amazing! I am so glad I was there in person and I will be doing it again and I absolutely have to meet Linda.  I just kept getting signals that I absolutely had to be fully attentive to that program. This sensations that went through my body during the release, I truly thought it was going to throw up. My spine began to straighten more, I’m able to breathe more deeply. My whole body was vibrating and for a while afterwards I had a headache, but I know that I am different. ~ Ivanna

 Linda Lang… Wow just Wow on Miche Meizner’s The Not Too Late Show! I felt the healing release as a listener! ~ I.A.

What I great show. I used coffee for the first time and my coffees bitterness went away. ~ Shawnnon

Wonderful water work. It tasted so smooth after Linda sent the energy through. Thank you for a great show. ~ Vicky

Linda’s powerful healing energy and uniquely calming voice has put me into serious coma. ~ Nicole

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