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Having an Air of Gratitude

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September 16, 2020
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November 26, 2020

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. It looks very different from last year, and all other Thanksgivings before. As the coronavirus drastically limits social activities and affects the health and well-being, and the livelihood, of many… not to mention politics, conspiracy theories, isolation and restrictions…

It’s easy to get to fall down a deep rabbit hole that triggers feelings of isolation, fear, anger and sadness. Those thoughts don’t feel good, aren’t productive, and don’t contribute to your health and well-being.

Plus, as our thoughts and emotions combine to attract more of what we focus on, is that really how you want to use your creative energy?

I have been choosing to focus on GRATITUDE.

I am grateful for my FAMILY, who love me and challenge me, and help me explore who I am in all my interactions. I’m grateful for a warm house filled with memories and good times that is my HOME. I am grateful for good FRIENDS – past, present and future. I am grateful for my PROSPERITY, my PEACE, my JOY and my CONNECTION. I am grateful for the BEAUTY this world shows me everyday and the gift of my LIFE experience.  And the list goes on and on…

You see, it’s easy once you start. Once you set your mind to all the good things in your life rather than what you consider bad or wrong – and even those have gifts built in, although we might not see them until we can look back from a distance. Why not bring a little more gratitude into your life? You might be surprised at the blessings it brings you.

Today, I share more of my gratitude and some GRACE as well.

1.6180339 by Charles Gilchrist

A gift from a long time friend who is moving across the country at the end of the month. It’s a signed artist print of a Vitruvian man, a symbol I used for ThoughtChange for many years, and have now use it as my logo for the Exploring the Mystical Side of Life.

I had been wondering about taking down the ivy wallpaper from my healing room. Some think it’s a little busy for a background in Facebook lives and videos, but I love it because it feels like you are cocooned in an intimate space. I love this picture. The colours match perfectly and I couldn’t have picked a better image myself!

Although most of my clients are virtual these days, I still “see” my phone clients in the healing room. And every day I am in that room to lay on my PEMF mat. Everyday I appreciate the good vibes in my healing space, and my friend through this artful connection. (The photo doesn’t do it justice!)

I think our RELATIONSHIPS are really what matter in life, far more than our stuff. And yes, they can be challenging at times, but they teach us so much about ourselves and enrich our lives in ways nothing else can. Whose life have you touched recently?

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