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November 27, 2013
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December 4, 2013


On occasion I am blessed with deeply profound dreams. Hawaii seems to be one of those places that inspires that within me. My visit in March 2013 for more Huna training was no exception.  

After my course was complete, I had a beautiful dream. I dreamt I had lived my entire life in Hawaii, and that I was completely and totally fulfilled with my life. I do not ever recall feeling this level of fulfillment in my conscious waking hours. In this dreamworld, I had no regrets, nothing that I would change in the slightest.  In my dream, I had the thought that if I died tomorrow, I would be totally satisfied with my life experience and honoured by it. If I had to leave the island and never return, I was completely at peace, trusting that I had received everything I was meant to from my experiences there and I could now move on.  

Hawaii RainbowDuring the dream, I became consciously aware of my unconscious mind taking snapshots of certain life experiences. These experiences that were highlighted were not things we would think of as important or significant, but instead were ones that carried deep and profound emotions.

Not only did I witness a part of me observing that dreamt life experience and taking mental pictures of it, but I also saw it drawing symbols to represent each snapshot. My unconscious would pick a shape of something in the picture and I watched myself tracing it in my mind. I had the understanding that the symbol could be used to call forth the energy of that emotion and experience.  

I watched as I became lucid, wondering if somehow these personal symbols were linked to the symbol initiations from my Huna course. And when I had that thought, I woke up!  I fell back asleep, and in the morning I could only remember snippets of the dream but I still had that feeling of complete fulfillment. In fact the feeling was so intense, I wondered if I would return next March to continue my Huna studies. That feeling lingered for days after the dream. 

When I awoke in the morning, I could only recall two of the symbols, but a third one surfaced throughout the day. I knew there were more, but I couldn’t place them. Months later in my own journey circle, I was gifted with a fourth symbol during a shamanic journey with White Buffalo. In the journey it was referred to as a living symbol.  I have received another symbol during a client session, as well as one on my trip to Peru.  I feel confident that further symbols may surface when the time is right. 

I shared my dream experience with someone who asked me if I had tried to flow the energy of the symbols, either on myself or with others. AReikiHandsmazingly, that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind!

Immediately I started to experiment, trying them for all kinds of things…emotions, pattern clearing, and physical issues, including a liver detox. That was most interesting because as I continued to flow the energy, it went to my eyes and then to my sinus cavities and worked away for quite some time.  After experimenting on myself, I branched out to family and friends with great results. 

Now I incorporate my Dream symbols into my work with clients. Flowing their energy along with Huna is very relaxing, but also very effective!  People who have no experience with energy work can feel it. When we’re finished, clients can see and feel tangible differences.  What a gift these symbols have been.

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