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Being Grounded in Peru

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December 2, 2013
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December 8, 2013
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Being Grounded in Peru

Peru was an incredible experience… so rich in history and culture.  Ancient temples and ruins dotting the countryside everywhere…  The land is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the Andes and spectacular skies.  Peru is so much more than Machu Picchu!

One of my favourite places was the temple at Cutimbo.  A little out of the way, but well worth the effort to get there. Our group were the only visitors, allowing us privacy to meditate and explore the site without interruption.  It had such a peaceful energy.  This is the view from the temple…

Cutimbo with Border

One thing about Peru – with the exception of Lima, most of it is at a high elevation. Sacred sites were often built on mountains to be closer to the sun and to Spirit.  I had no idea how much mountain climbing I would be doing on my visit to Peru! Incredibly I did not have any sore muscles with all the hiking, and even found I ate less than I do at home.

Circles of Moray 1 with borderThere was only one place we walked down to – the Circles of Moray.  It is the temple of Mother Earth, connecting with the energy of Pachamama.   The only problem with going down is that you have to come back up!  Gratefully Willaru, our Peruvian guide and teacher was a gentle man, allowing us as much time and space as we needed. A lovely meditation in the bottom circle helped fuel us for the return trip back up.

I found travelling to Peru to be a very expansive experience on many levels.  It’s almost like Peru works on your consciousness while you are there.  I’m sure intent has something to do with it as well.  I’ve been home for just over a week, and  I feel like I am still integrating.   I am very pleased with the internal shifts I am aware of so far. I have new spaces inside that have opened up that are delightful.


For those interested in traveling to Peru, Paul Beshara is intending to host another journey with Willaru, the Incan Elder in June 2014.  Contact if you’d like to be notified of the next trip.


Read more about Willaru and his teachings at

One of the great gifts I received from Peru was a deeper sense of being grounded.  There is nothing like mountain climbing on narrow steps without hand railings, and a touch of vertigo, to keep one in their body!  After over 3 weeks of really staying present in my body, joyfully it’s now become even more of a habit.

The trick was to really stay focused on what I was doing in the present moment, and not to allow the mind to travel into the past, the future or some other imaginary reality.

Deep breathing helps, use your diaphragm!  Use your body to feel the sensations it is giving you – your sense of touch, smell, sight.

Expand your peripheral vision by anchoring your awareness behind your belly button. This is a Huna technique called hakala, and is incredibly effective.  Being in hakala automatically activates your peripheral vision and grounds you.  You can put one hand over your belly if that helps you.

Staying grounded is important if you want to have a rich and full experience of life. It helps you process your emotions better and gives you a deeper sense of self.  It helps you to avoid the pitfalls of a ruminating mind, not to mention accidents.

It helps you stay balanced and keeps your energy system cleaner, and allows you more access to your gifts.  If you are on your spiritual path, it is imperative to be grounded so you can anchor spiritual energy in this reality.  You don’t have to reach up to connect with spirit; the connection is already inside you!

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