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How Do Your Relationships Affect Your Life?

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November 25, 2013
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How Do Your Relationships Affect Your Life?


Our relationships are an integral part of life, and can affect us in so many ways—often in ways we are not even aware of.  The quality of our relationships can greatly impact our enjoyment of life. If you have relationship issues that you are ready to let go, then you will be interested to know that I have developed a series of energy clearings that will allow you to gently clear stuck energy, emotions and patterns around specific relationships.  I can tell you that by doing this work myself, I am aware of a significant shift in the amount of joy and peace I feel.  I invite you to consider cleaning out your “emotional closet.”


Sometimes our life goes pretty smoothly but from time to time the unconscious may bring up unresolved emotions and limiting patterns to give us anHappy Face opportunity to resolve them. If our goal is to be happy and at peace, the more we release any emotional baggage, the easier it becomes. One of the precepts of Huna is to first noa (cleanse), then noho (bring down).   We can noho spiritual energy, our higher self, and higher vibrations of peace, love and compassion. It also good to noa before using our power of intention to create—or we may  end up creating the same thing over and over again.


We might think we are in control, and we are—sort of.  It’s not conscious control by any means, or we would all be healthy, wealthy and perfectly happy all the time.  Our unconscious mind is an integral part of our power of creation, and it also holds all of our memories, beliefs and emotions. All that stuff buried underneath the surface impacts our thoughts, our choices and our behaviour.  One place that holds a lot of unresolved issues is in our relationships with others. When we can let some of that go, we find that our thought and reaction patterns change; we start to love and appreciate ourselves more, instead of beating ourselves up.  We can more easily accept or forgive others.


When I was directed to develop this series of energy clearing sessions, I was excited to be able to help people who really want to let these old issues go and have change in their life.  I decided to run through each relationship clearing myself, and I was really surprised at how much energy I was holding, and that I was able to clear. This first session focuses on Mother, because that is really our first connection, even while we are inutero.  I always had a good relationship with my mother… and yet there was so much I was holding on to that I was unaware of.  After finishing the clearing, I was amazed at how much lighter and more energized I felt, how much more appreciation and compassion I held, not only for my mom—but for everyone.


I understand that these unresolved issues may be conscious or unconscious—held somewhere underneath the surface of our awareness. They might be linked to specific experiences or feelings, felt recently or long ago… or they might just be perceptions of who we think our mothers are, or our judgments about what she does (did), says (said) or chooses (chose)… or perhaps we even compare ourselves to her. These emotions could involve her patterns of behaviour or her belief system… or how others react to her.  They could be almost anything! But they are there hidden in our unconscious.


I recommend that people do emotional “detox” sessions to clear stuck energy and unresolved emotions around significant relationships. An emotional detox can focus on a specific relationship—Mother, Father, Spouse or Romantic Partner (past or present), and Children.  Even if you don’t have kids, you may be holding some unresolved emotions like regret, sadness or guilt.  You can use these sessions for siblings, friends, employers, coworkers, neighbours, even pets.


Sad FAceOften we do not even realize that we are carrying any unresolved emotions.  Perhaps you have a great relationship with your mother, but somewhere deep inside your unconscious is still holding on to fear, guilt or angry from your youth.  You might not even recognize exactly what emotions you are carrying.  If you hold one of your relationships in mind, ask your unconscious to show you the energy you are holding associated with that person… and pay attention.  Perhaps you feel heavy, disconnected, tense or any number of other sensations.  You might see a symbol or hear the voice of that person.


In these emotional detox sessions, we use techniques that are gentle yet effective to clear out blocks of negative emotions and uncomfortable feelings, which in turn can make significant internal changes.  You feel tangibly different after you clear, and often have new awareness about yourself and your relationships.


As you begin to shift your inner world, your outer world also begins to change.

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