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On the Bus

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November 21, 2013
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On the Bus

It seems that the island of Hawaii is a place where I have a very active dream life. Maybe it’s all the geckos there, who have a shamanic reputation of inspiring dreams.  I love dreaming, especially those really juicy dreams that so rich in symbology, sensations and emotions.  Sometimes they can seem more real and more alive than everyday life!

On my last trip I had two very profound dreams, the first one was part way through my Huna training, and I joyfully share with you.

I was on a bus, similar to a city bus, standing up and holding on to the bar above me.  It wasn’t rough terrain; the movements were just the normal kind of swaying and bus-147872_640maneuvering a bus would make.  I knew all the people on the bus with me; for the most part they were other Huna students from the training.  One of my friends from back in Ottawa was also on the bus, standing right beside me.  As the journey continued, I started to get tired of standing, and I rested my head on my friend’s back.

At this point I became lucid, and I could feel all the tension in held my body so I consciously told myself to “RELAX Linda.”  When I thought that in my dream, I immediately released all the tension I was feeling.  My friend’s body became like a portal for me and I fell into the energy of Na Wahine— goddess energy. I found myself in a place of pure light, unconditional love, serenity and peace. 

That is the last thing I remembered, until I woke up in the morning.  It was a beautiful dream.

I will tell you about the second dream in a future post.

A hui hou.

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