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Commitment to Self – a tapping script

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October 30, 2013
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Commitment to Self – a tapping script

Try tapping this through the EFT points.  Feel free to expand the script wherever you need, and if any specific memory or event pops into your  mind, please include that in your tapping as well.  It is a message from your unconscious.   


This is my life,

and I am committed to doing what is best for me, __________ (insert your name).

I know that this may mean

that at times I will need to say ‘no’ to other people,

and perhaps to certain commitments

that I have already made.



But it is better to stay true to myself,

than continue on a path that does not resonate with me,

just to please others…



My first obligation is to myself,

my own evolution, and the call of my soul.

Not from a place of ego or fear,

but from a place of self-love and acceptance.

And it is here that I can truly be of service and give the most.

Authentically being me is what I came here to do,

what each of us is here to do.

The more self-acceptance I can offer myself,

the more acceptance I can offer to others.

My first obligation is to myself.



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