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A Strong Foundation

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November 24, 2014
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My healing work is really a partnership between me, my Divine Team, and my client.


Earlier this year, my Divine Team gave me the inspiration for 3 different workshops/packages.  It was a message packed full of information because it all came at once!  Including the healing focus, the title and guidance on how to do it.

Strong Foundation

The first of these offerings is a Root Chakra clearing intensive called A Strong Foundation.


The Root Chakra is so important because it is deeply connected with our  life here in this world.  Not only issues of survival, but our sense of belonging, connection and support are all rooted in this chakra.  In fact, for physical manifestation to take place, our creative energy must travel from the sacral chakra to the root in order to become 3 dimensional.  It is a very powerful chakra indeed!   And if it is not strong, we do not have a good energetic foundation with which to build on.


In this workshop, we’ll enlist the assistance of the unconscious to release resistance, stored emotions, limiting beliefs and vows that are stored in the root chakra.  Then we’ll finish off with an incredible healing journey – one my guides took me on personally.  Every time I look at my journalled account,  I am totally amazed, and I am so excited to be able to share this journey with participants!


Of course I’ve done this healing protocol on myself, something I always do before I give a workshop, and I felt so much different!  There was a new level of core strength and empowerment within me…  and of Self-knowing.   I even felt taller!


Orginally I started to record this program to become a product in my store,  but needed to put it off to the side for a bit as I became busy with a few other adventures…  Recently I had a couple of clients mentioned their desire to do some Root Chakra work, including one who actually said she needed to do some “foundation” work….  I smiled and new it was time to get back to work!


I’ll be giving this workshop intensive in person locally on Friday, December 5th from 1 – 4 pm.  If you are interested in attending, please send me an email at Linda@test.thoughtchange.com.  I’ll be happy to share the details with you. In the future you can watch for it to be offered online or as a recorded package in my Store.


Wouldn’t you like a gentle, but effective way to clear and strengthen your root chakra?



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