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Standing in Fear

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November 28, 2014
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December 10, 2014

In my previous newsletter, I mentioned a spiritual understanding I received during my trip to Arizona, and I promised to share it in my next newsletter.  My guides have been nudging me to write it, so I know how important it is!

During that trip, I was near the end of reading Paul Selig’s channelled book “I AM THE WORD.”  In the chapter on Trials, I read something that peaked my attention.

The quote (pg 268) goes as follows:  “…we want you to understand that the decisions that you make when you are in response to a crisis are the decisions that change the trajectory of your life and path.  And most of you move immediately into fear when you are faced with circumstances that surprise you, unsettle you, and make you believe that your world is about to be challenged.”

I pondered this for two days, until the Universe gave me a direct teaching which helped me to really understand the message.

My husband and I were hiking up to Cathedral Rock in Sedona.  The landscape around that beautiful town is incredibly beautiful and the views amazingCathedral 1.  My husband is much more of a mountain climber than I am, and that’s OK.  I am content to go as far as I can, then sit and enjoy as he continues upward.

This day was particularly beautiful and it was easy for me to find my zen place.  The hike down was more like a walking meditation for me… single file on the mountain path with care to navigate the oncoming traffic. It was midday as we descended and not many were making the hike up at this time because of the heat.  But believe it or not, there were some people who brought their mountain bikes on this trail.

My husband walked in front and me peacefully behind.  Then my husband said, “Watch out.  There is a bicycle coming.”  Simple words, not shouted.

But in that place of quiet meditation, my subconscious was close to the surface.

And it responded in fear – before I could even consciously figure out what was happening!  Next thing I knew I found myself scurrying over to the side of the rock formation, slipped on some loose gravel, and put my hand down so I wouldn’t fall.  At that point, the cyclist was closer behind me, stopped and then realized he had startled me from my meditation.  Then I was back in my ordinary wide awake consciousness, with a slightly scraped palm and a few pebbles embedded…  And the instant awareness that this was a prime example (thankfully not too painful) of that passage in the book that I had found so profound.

So what happened?

My unconscious perceived danger (although in truth the cyclist was in complete control of his ride), freaked out and reacted from fear… and all before I could even think about what was happening!

And that rash decision threw me off my path and into the rocks.

Wow! Imagine reacting this way during a career or relationship issue! Or while driving…  Your life could change in an instant.

When I need to consciously make a decision that I have some fear around it, my guides tell me to investigate the fear to have a better understanding on what I am afraid of, but then step out of the emotion of fear.  That way I can make my decision from the state of being that I want to go to or that would be the end result.  If my decision is based in fear, I will create more fear.  The same goes for you.

Another reason it is good to keep doing your inner work!  As you do more and more clearing, you will find you have less reactions.

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