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Focus Your Creative Power

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Focus Your Creative Power

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I’m really excited about my life right now.  I feel like I’m on the verge of a huge transformation, although in truth, I’m probably smack in the midst of it.   The Universe is offering me all kinds of possibilities, each one stemming from a creative thought I’ve put forth at some point in time.


Each year I create a powerful prayer as a focus for that entire year.  I don’t choose consciously, instead I seek divine guidance. This January, I created two — my own personal prayer and a second prayer to benefit all that would be called to it.  Entitled Spirit Prayer 2014, it is a creation tool for others.


In my process, I record my prayer and listen to it daily for the first month.  Then for the next couple of months, I listen to it a few times a week, then a few times a month… and I just let the energy work its magic silently in the background.


In September, I had a reading and was amazed to be told that my guides have been working on my DNA since early July, helping me clear out ancestral issues, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs.


The first lines of my personal prayer for this year are:

I stand committed on this path of Transformation, Strongly guided & protected on my journey. My alchemy is activated by the Sacred Elders—the Wisdom Keepers, Who hold the key to my DNA memory on my path to reclaim my True Self.


Wow!!  I was totally blown away! My prayer called forth this energy and an intuitive was able to see it’s manifestation! I had no idea it would look like this when I wrote the prayer… which is often the case.  I often say, you get what you ask for although it might not be in the way you expect it.  There were a number of other things from that reading that also were right there in my prayer!  To me, that’s magic…


If you have  Spirit Prayer 2014,  I encourage you to use it!  To do that, you need to listen to it regularly, especially in the beginning so your energy system begins to resonate with the prayer.  Set a few minutes aside each day and listen intently, without distractions, and feel the energy of the words.


Let the prayer work for you.  At the end of the year when you reflect, you will be surprised at how the prayer has showed up for you.  It has an amazing ability to focus your creative power.


If you don’t have the prayer, it is available in my Store very reasonably.


And in a few more weeks, it will be time for Spirit Prayer 2015!  I look forward to connecting to the energies of all those who will receive it so we can create a new focus and a powerful new prayer.

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