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YOU Being You

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August 20, 2015
Every Thought is a Prayer
September 8, 2015


Living your life purpose is about being YOU – that YOU that only you can be and only YOU are.  But that person we really are can get lost behind masks or in our ways of thinking or ignoring our emotion.  Sometimes we have too many expectations, assumptions and obligations to see it.


But it is always there.  In every moment we are encouraged to be our true and authentic Self.  There are some things that help clear the way to living your life purpose.  Spend some time exploring your inner world, learning about yourself, observing yourself, discovering what brings you joy or takes you away from it.  Expand your perception of who you are and what is possible for you.


pink-930902_640Doing your inner work, finding peace with your past and who you are, releasing those unresolved emotions and shifting your limiting beliefs are all part of the package. It has been my experience as I help people with their healing, they find not only find relief and have more courage to live their lives in a bigger bolder way, but their gifts and talents open and blossom. They become more accessible.  It’s almost like when you take away some of the mud and guck we have collected, more of our Spirit can naturally shine through.  After all, we come hardwired and fully capable of living our life purpose.  Being able to access your gifts is a great asset!


I remember a client who told me that one of her greatest desires was to “see.” She wanted to have her guidance come through images, symbols or as clairvoyance. We continued to work together, and one day she said to me… “Linda, I see a __________ for you and somehow I know it’s important for you.”


I smiled and reminded her of the desire she had told me about earlier. “You’re right!” she exclaimed, tickled with joy and surprised at how natural it was for her. So natural she didn’t even notice the change! One of her gifts is creativity and her “seeing” gift helps her immensely.


There are some wonderful benefits from doing your inner work, having more peace being one of them. But perhaps the greatest gifts are in Knowing Yourself, and allowing your beautiful spirit to shine through you and out into the world.


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