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Mosaic of Being

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July 30, 2015
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Mosaic of Being

As a healer, it is an honour and a privilege to work with others and help them step into a place of empowerment.  I see the wonder of every person I work with… each one a unique and fascinating mosaic…



Find peace within your Self

And all the little pieces

That make up you.


Find the love and compassion

That you so willingly give to others,

And share it with all those aspects of your Self.


For it’s all those little bits of your Being

That make you who you are…



That most wondrous,

Unique and individualized expression of the Divine.



That mosaic of thoughts and feelings and experiences,

All blended together

To create your unique expression of life.


YOU who are here

On your own distinctive path,

With your own distinctive gifts,

And your own distinctive perspective.


Here you are

At the centre of your Universe,

The creation of your life made manifest,

With the beautiful opportunity to

Explore your Self,

Express your Self,

And Know your Self.


Without exception

Celebrate your own unique mosaic

Because there is not another soul in all of creation

That can take your place.


CELEBRATE your mosaic!


*Originally published in The Magic Happens:

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