Wisdom in Action - Tapping Script

Wisdom in Action – Tapping Script

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April 2, 2014
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April 29, 2014


Tap along with the following script to motivate your self-appreciation and your embrace your unique path in the world.



Today, I put my wisdom into action   (tap top of head)

No sense accumulating   (tap eyebrow point)

all this knowledge   (tap side of eye)library-25160_150

and then just letting it sit,   (tap under eye)

collecting dust    (tap under the nose)

like an old book on a shelf.   (tap chin point)


I put my thoughts into motion.   (tap collarbone point)

And watch as magical things   (tap under arm point)

begin to manifest    (tap liver point – below breasts)

right before my eyes.   (tap side of hand – karate chop point)


I have incredible opportunities   (tap top of head)

that can only come   (tap eyebrow point)

when I am expressing myself   (tap side of eye)

in my truest form.   (tap under eye)


Today I let my uniqueness shine through…   (tap under nose)

In what I do…    (tap chin point)

What I say…    (tap collarbone point)

What I wear…    (tap under arm point)


Today I embrace the light I am…   (tap liver point)

And let my wisdom shine…   (tap side of hand – karate chop point)




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