I Dreamt My House Was On Fire

I Dreamt My House Was On Fire

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March 31, 2014
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I have now returned home from my level 3 Huna training, and what an amazing training it was!  I truly look forward to incorporating the new learnings into my work to bring even more efficient change.

One of the things I love about visiting Hawaii is the quality of dreams I have while I’m there. They are so vivid, full of messages, and I remember them so clearly.  This year was no exception…


I dreamt I was outside my home with my husband, and we were just getting ready to go somewhere.  Outside we could smell gas, and my husband wondered if I had the gas fireplace on, but I said no, the wood one had been on, but I had put the fire out…

FireBy the time I had said that, we both looked back at the house and the whole first floor was in flames.  My husband ran back in the back door to see if he could get to the fire extinguisher.  My son showed up and went in to help… but I knew it was already too late, the flames were too high.  I had no concerns about either of them making it back out.  

I went over to the neighbour’s to call 9-1-1. There was no panic, no fear, no worry. I was thinking that we would be starting anew… and I thought of my library & all the books & CD’s I haven’t read or listened to, then my computer & all the stuff I have on it… thinking they were all gone now and wondering if I needed them anyway… wondering if there were any that I would re-purchase once we had the insurance money. 

I wasn’t sad or scared, and when I got to my neighbour’s, I rang the bell three times before they answered the door. I asked them to call 911 because the house was on fire.    This was the dream I just before our field trip to visit to the volcano… a dream that told me that there were some big shifts for me…

In the dream world, your house often represents levels of your consciousness – the main floor being the conscious mind.  Here I was with no attachment to my house or to any of my spiritual books and healing protocols… completely content to carry on with the wisdom I have within me and not worrying about loss.

The Fire Element represents creativity, energy and transformation. It is spiritual and inspirational in nature, and can be used for release and healing.  My dream told me there were some powerful changes happening.

And by the end of my Huna course, I can truly say that there are!  I have learned many new techniques and have an even deeper understanding of the previous teachings.

I am very excited to share my new Huna skills with all my clients.  Please feel free to email me if you are ready to experience some incredible internal shifts!

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