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Relationship with Money?

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August 14, 2013
Relationships, Needs & Desires
August 14, 2013


Money…Money… Money…

Money makes the world go round, right?

Or is that love…

Or love of money?

Some people think that money is a dirty word; other people just can’t get enough of it… Almost everyone wants more of it.  Money can be your prison—whether you have plenty or not enough… or it can bring freedom and choice.   One thing for sure—money is an integral part of our society and our life.


Dollar SignWe all have a money story. We started writing it as children, unconsciously adopting attitudes and beliefs from our parents and our environment. Add to that what you learned from experience, from your friends, advertising and media, even religion—and you can have a story rich in lack, limitation, and self worth issues.


Your unconscious mind holds all your memories, your beliefs, your thoughts and emotions. In fact, it remembers everything you’ve ever experienced or thought or felt.  It beats your heart, digests your food, and keeps you alive.  It is from the unconscious level that we manifest from. Limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions can be a big problem when you want to improve your level of abundance. If you’re trying to attract money into your life, your old patterns may be in conflict with the new level of prosperity you want to create.


How does your energy system react when you think about money? When you receive money? When you spend money?  How do you feel about your current financial situation—your income, your expenses and your debt load? Do you get tense or feel heavy and constricted?  Where do you want to be financially? How does that compare to where you are now?


So when you actually want to IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY, you need to start on the inside.  Things like beliefs, emotions and behaviour patterns can keep you locked in the old story you are trying to change.  There is a lot that can be done working energetically and with the unconscious mind to elicit change.


I work with people to release the old programming and unresolved emotional issues that no longer support them around their money issues.  We clear negative emotions (such as worry, doubt and resentment) that impact their vibration and their level of attraction & creation. We align their vibration to energetically close the gap between where they are now and where they intend to be.   If your financial situation is not where you want it to be, I invite you to CONTACT ME for private sessions or join in one of my group healing intensives.  123rf.16954039_s


REMEMBER… change can be gentle & easy!

You can shift your inner world, your thoughts and emotions!  After each session, you feel more balanced, more relaxed and more peaceful.  And as a bonus, you’ll notice a marked increase in self worth and self acceptance.   There is no need for a ton of disclosure of any personal stories or uncomfortable memories, just a willingness to release and a degree of self awareness to notice the shifts. Then you can see opportunities and take actions that might have seemed impossible to you before!


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