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Using Your Voice to Manifest

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December 20, 2017
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December 28, 2017
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Using Your Voice to Manifest

Visualization is NOT to only way to put your intentions out. For me, that is probably the least effective way.  One way that I use is to simply make statements, which is really USING MY VOICE TO MANIFEST.

That actually works!

Remember your unconscious mind and the Universe are always listening! ALWAYS! If you are busy repeating negative self talk, criticism and doubt, that’s what you’ll find more of.  Instead of filling up with negativity, why not use your voice to attract your desires?

That’s how I ended up with my husband.

When I was sixteen I declared to the universe that I wanted a boyfriend with an easy last name. Kind of funny because I was only sixteen and I was nowhere near thinking about getting married. But that’s what I asked for!

And by simply declaring what I wanted and letting it go, without me doing anything, within a couple of months, this boy showed up who started following me around and he just happened to have a really easy last name.

We dated for probably three and a half years or four years, and when I was twenty, we got married.

Again, it magically worked out perfectly and his last name was the only qualification I gave to the universe. Here we are thirty five years later, still happy, still married, still in a loving relationship. And we have to beautiful sons to enjoy! I couldn’t have chose better if I handpicked him myself!

Sometimes the universe can actually fill your needs better than you can!  Even if you have a conscious awareness of exactly what you want.  By putting your intention out and leaving the time and space to receive, you might be surprised by what comes forward.

Vocalizing what you would like to the universe, or to a friend, or even to yourself, will help you attract.

Consider what you are asking for, what words you are using and the energy with which you make your request. Please keep the quality of your conversational topics in mind!  Stop focusing on what isn’t right because you’ll only create more of the same. Focus instead on what is right, or on things that make you feel good, or by declaring what it is you’d like to experience or attract.

You can even you can say it in your mind over and over again but there’s power and energy in your voice so I would recommend that you actually put the sound vibration out into the universe!

After all, you want to create your intentions in the 3D world!

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