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Making Your List

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December 19, 2017
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December 22, 2017
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Making Your List

Recently I was asked if there was a way to manifest without visualization. Not everyone finds that an easy task, especially when one is trying to creatively manifest.  My answer to that very simply is absolutely YES!!!  In fact, for me personally visualization is probably the least effective way that I have ever manifested anything!

One option that works really well for me one is making a list—physically WRITE DOWN what you want to create, manifest or attract.

Pay attention to the energy that you make the list in! That’s really important. If your list is made from need, desperation or lack—that is what you will attract.

My husband and I sat down one snowy, cold, Canadian winter day and we made a list of what we would like in our dream house.  We were just having fun, not even in the market for buying a house or moving… it was just a creative way to spend some time during the inclement weather.  We started to make a list of the details and qualities we’d like in our beautiful, imaginary house.

We wanted fancy moldings and doors, big, spacious rooms, a separate garage and a wrap-around porch. We wanted really good quality well water to drink, and a sewer system so we didn’t have to be bothered with a septic tank.  We were just playing, having fun and letting our imaginations create something we both loved.

We set the list aside and never looked it again. We even forgot we had written it!

It was probably about eighteen months before we even thought about moving and when we did start looking, we knew immediately as soon as we walked through the door.

When we found the list some time later, we were amazed!  Our house had all the things we had asked for on that list and even the things that we talked about but didn’t write down.

My youngest son came into the room the day we made the list and asked us what we were doing? We said we’re just making a list for for our future house, and he promptly declared that he was not moving anywhere unless there is a pool table, and lo and behold… even though we didn’t write a pool table on the list, this house came with one!   (Years later, he was wishing he had asked for a swimming pool instead of a pool table!)paper-and-pen

This manifestation was so easily for us; we didn’t have to do anything except detach and leave space for the Universe to provide.

We didn’t struggle in any way, shape or form, something that often happens if you are trying to manifest out of need, attachment to the outcome, or holding on to some kind of emotional baggage. It was just joyful and playful, and very light-hearted. If you can make a list in that kind of energy, you can magnetize a higher vibration attraction factor.

Make your list! Watch your energy!  Make sure it’s not hard work or feels impossible because that is the quality of energy you will attract. Keep it playful and joyful.  Inspirational exploration has that magical, playful quality and that’s what you want in your creation attraction!

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