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Throat Clearing

Easy Abundant Blessings
March 19, 2017
Who Are You at Your Root?
May 8, 2017
Easy Abundant Blessings
March 19, 2017
Who Are You at Your Root?
May 8, 2017
I’m sure you know that your journey through life is all about…


Saying what you need to say,

Doing what you need to do,

Being who you came here to be.

It’s all part of the same story – YOU!And really, you express yourself every moment of your life.  In the words you use, the tone of voice, your facial expressions and actions.  Even in the silence.  Underneath all of the ways you communicate is the vibration or essence of who you really are… even if you have hidden it from the world.If your words and actions are in alignment with your true self, you will naturally have a stronger inner knowing of who you are.  You’ll have more self acceptance, be more confident and more aligned with your purpose.  And you’ll attract things into your life from that place of congruence.

There are times in each of our lives when we have squelched our inner fire of who we really are in order to play it safe, to fit in, be accepted or meet the expectations of others. Sometimes so much that  we can start to doubt, judge or blame ourselves, our choices and our self expression.  We might even have forgotten who we are underneath it all.

But our essence is always with us. It’s there in the mix of the vibration we send out into the world, even if it is mixed with confusion, self doubt, judgment or mis-alignment. It’s still in there!

My upcoming THROAT CLEARING workshop is all about realigning the throat chakra so we can have more authentic expression.  The throat chakra is about communication, expression, our will and its manifestation. It is the bridge between heart and mind and an essential aspect to living on purpose with full expression.How many times have you swallowed your words or held in your emotions? Have you ever felt a lump in your throat when you went to say something? Does it feel like no one listens to you? Or do you bowl people over with your words and then they don’t hear your message?  There are so many ways throat chakra issues can show up!

If its time to step into a more empowered expression, please join me for THROAT CLEARING.  This healing intensive will not only clear and energetically strengthen the throat chakra, but it will bring you more self awareness too!  You will learn about your throat chakra and yourself.  You’ll take part in some extensive throat-based energy work and experience an energy alignment to support your divine expression. Plus you’ll take home tools for your own empowerment.  You’ll feel different at the end of the day!

This is a small group workshop so space is limited! There are only have a few spaces left, and if you’d like one of them or if you have any questions, please contact me.

Missed the workshop? Reach out and inquire. This work can be done individually as well, or there might be another workshop right around the corner…




  1. Michelle says:

    I really need this so badly. I feel like most people around me are strong with their voice and I’m always getting interrupted and they always over talk and I feel shut down and over powered and my thoughts or my voice are not being heard. I don’t want to shout and fight to talk and to try to get a soft expression of my voice to express my emotions is not provided so I end up alone with no one to communicate my feelings of sadness and then I feel resentment toward these people for nor being their like I can for them…….

    • Linda says:

      Hi Michelle. You definitely could benefit from this kind of clearing work and the internal shifts it creates.

      This was a really powerful workshop Michelle. I’ve had wonderful feedback and I am sure that I will run it again. Just not sure when! It’s also part of my premium 1:1 program, Diamond Ray Alchemy, for those who want & need huge transformation in their life.

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