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The Essence of Trees

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October 24, 2013
How Free Are You?
October 30, 2013
Sense of Self – tapping script
October 24, 2013
How Free Are You?
October 30, 2013
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The Essence of Trees

Earlier this summer I was contacted by Canadian Tree Essences about their vibrational products.  Celine, the owner and originator, thought they would be a great match for the kind of work that I do, and after trying a few of them personally, I AGREE!
I am now carrying these fine vibrational essences to support my clients journey to transform old emotions and energy patterns.

Tree Essences

Canadian Tree Essences


Tree Essences work to bring the light of awareness and positive support to resolving deep-rooted wounds and  underlying patterns, which often create undesired thoughts or behaviours.


Synchronicity and communication are enhanced, allowing blockages, unconscious behaviours and old memories to be released.  They act by nourishing the energy field of a person or animal via their positive resonance and their high vibration.


Using essences help us resume and restore a healthy, joyful way of being. If they are used consistently, the results can be profound and long lasting.  Customer feedback tells us that these tree flower essences are powerful agents of emotional healing, and catalysts for transforming our awareness and our approach to challenges in life.


How Are Tree Essences Made?

Canadian Tree Essences are individually handcrafted with the utmost care.  A ‘mother’ tincture is made by infusing spring water with small amounts of various tree parts tree-161941_150(leaves, flowers, needles, etc), then filtering and adding alcohol for preservation.  This mother tincture is further diluted until it reaches the dosage level. insuring the highest resonance and quality of the essence.


Potential benefits include:
  • in general, a more positive outlook
  • access to more inner resources
  • resolution of emotional challenges
  • less identification with negative emotions and thoughts
  • a sense of greater inner freedom and watchfulness
  • deeper mediations and states of relaxation
  • greater flexibility in our responses and less habitual behaviour
  • shifts in perception of ourselves, other people and the world
  • an overall improvement in heath as we resolve emotions that are frequently associated with health issues


Guidelines for Use:

Take 5 -7 drops directly in the mouth or add to a cold liquid.  Especially beneficial to take first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  You can also put 11 drops in a bottle of water, shake and drink through the day.  Take 3 -5 times a day, can be taken more frequently in times of crisis.

Tree Essences can be used with food, medications (no interactions) and supplements. They have no physical side effects.  There have been no reported cases of allergic reactions, even with those who are sensitive to trees, pollen, fruit and nuts.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will add postings about individual essences, highlighting associated emotions and patterns, and experiences or insight from taking them.  As part of my service to clients, I offer suggestions on which products might benefit them most.



Tree Essences are…

  • In the lineage of the ancient use of plants, for emotional healing (found in Buddhism, Native Indian traditions and modern time flower essences – developed in the 1920s and 1930s by English physician Edward Bach).
  • Created from one of the most natural ancient forces on the planet: TREES!
  • The energy from trees put into a bottle for daily use.
  • A subtle liquid extract usually taken orally by drops, to nurture body/mind emotional well-being.
  • A safe and natural product created to draw out inner strength and to help maintain inner balance and harmony.
  • For support, to move us through a difficult time or situation.
  • Helpful for many of the key energetic and emotional issues that arise in today’s life for people as well as animals.
  • To be used with diet, medications, and supplements.
  • Without claiming a miracle cure, Tree Essences offer a natural option to support health.

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