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Sense of Self – tapping script

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October 22, 2013
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Sense of Self – tapping script


Tap along with the following script to raise your vibration and develop more appreciation of YOU and your unique path in the world.


I draw my strength from my unique sense of self    (tap top of head)

There is not another person exactly like me in the world   (tap eyebrow point)

And I now move forward in the way that only I know how  (tap side of eye point)

There is incredible bravery in my heart   (tap under eye point)

That supports me in taking chances that I may not have even considered before   (tap under nose point)

Opportunities that support ME BEING ME   (tap under lips – chin point) 

Opportunities out there just waiting for me    (tap collarbone point)

And no one else    (tap under arm point)

I bask in each moment   (tap liver point – below breasts)

And give thanks for every breath I am given this day  (tap side of hand – karate chop point)

Grab your wrist, give it a squeeze, take a deep breath, and on the exhale, say Peace.

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