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The Key to True Healing

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October 21, 2013
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The Key to True Healing


The late Rik Thurston, renowned trance channeler, brought us a teaching from Demetri, (one of the evolved beings that Rik connected with), regarding the mind, emotions, and healing the physical body.

The message stated: “Most of what you call disease begins with the mind system. We do say most because there are circumstances and situations, karmically etc, that come into play here. But in the world as you know it, there are impacts created by such upon the psyche of self, or the mind system of the self, which are being played out in the physical anatomy. Also they impact very strongly on the emotions. You’ve heard us say many, many times the emotions are the motivators and that can motivate both positive and negatively depending on one’s perception. So you have to be aware that they are integrally interwoven between the mind, the emotions and the body. If you treat one aspect you still have two more, so you have to work on an integrated concept where one does not only physically rebalance the body – heal or whatever, but you also mentally and emotionally reconstruct a state of balance within the individual.”*

What does this mean? Demetri is telling us that true healing must include balancing the mental and emotional aspects. Emotions have an important influence on our physical health. When our system holds a lot of anger, sadness, fear or guilt, even if we are unaware that we carry them, they can wreck havoc with our physical selves.

Emotions respond to our thoughts. Think of a time when you were critical of another.  Did those thoughts make you feel angry, frustrated or resentful? If you think of a time when you were critical of yourself, perhaps you felt guilty, unacceptable or unworthy? When you think positive, kind thoughts, you feel happier and more peaceful.

aura-twistEmotions can become trapped in our energy field when we don’t fully process them.  Allowing them and feeling them moves their energy. Deep breathing is an excellent way to move emotion while we are in the experience. Unfortunately many of us hold our breath or shallow breathe when we are in the midst of uncomfortable emotion. We can also hold on to them or distort them by over-thinking or over-verbalizing our pain and traumas. We can even become attached to them.

Our mind is a tool which we are meant to utilize, but for many the mind seems to have a mind of its own! While the unconscious mind holds our programming, thought patterns and beliefs, it is also our humble servant. It beats our heart, digests our food, breathes our body, and activates our natural healing response. The body and emotions are the domain of the unconscious. It remembers everything—everything we have seen, thought, heard, experienced and felt.

When we are young, it is easier to hide or suppress any emotions or traumas, but as we get older, there’s more baggage to hold down. It takes a great deal of energy to keep everything below the surface. Held for over time, things can crop up in our emotional (over)reactions, behaviours, and in the body as pain or disease.

As Demetri stated, most physical imbalance begins in the mind, affected by our emotions —but not everything.  Many physical ailments can improve when the mental and emotional aspects are balanced. Any negative emotions or thought patterns can also negatively influence existing physically conditions. How we think about our past experiences can increase our distress.

We can balance and heal much faster if all levels are congruent. If there is conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind, the unconscious always wins. It may be holding on to trauma you have long since forgotten… or perhaps even linked it to something current in your life.

Once you start clearing out your emotional closet and creating supportive thoughts and beliefs, your unconscious will respond positively. As you clear, you begin to feel lighter and more relaxed… You may find you have more self acceptance and self love, more patience and acceptance for others… You may have more motivation, more joy, more happiness… You might start to breathe deeper, and perhaps aches and pains diminish… once you change your mind


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