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On the Right Path?

Instead of Positive, be Curious!
July 2, 2014
Transform Me
July 23, 2014
Instead of Positive, be Curious!
July 2, 2014
Transform Me
July 23, 2014


Sometimes through life, you sit back and wonder…What’s life about? What are you doing here? What’s this yearning you feel deep in your Being?>

You wonder about your purpose here… What of this place in time and space that only you hold?  Perhaps there’s grandiose visions of deep and lasting change in your service…. or perhaps you look around at your humble lives and wonder, “Is this really it?”


Make no mistake, you are in service.  Always.

All of your actions, your thoughts and your kindnesses radiate out from you into the world. You may have no idea of the people you have inspired, the ones you have motivated in one way or another. .. Or those you have helped by simply smiling as you glance eye to eye.

Years ago I had read Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live. What I remember most about that read was the line, “Wherever you are, the path appears beneath your feet. It has helped me remember how supported I am whenever I am unsure about what I am doing or where I am going.
Too often people associate their jobs with their life purpose. Did you really come here to be an accountant, a retail clerk or construction worker? Our occupation may be of little importance to our soul’s growth but it can be a vehicle allowing us the opportunity to know and express ourselves authentically.

Perhaps it’s not what we do—but how we do it. Who are we when we do it or the energy we embrace.

One of my clients is a quality assurance technician in the government. She sits at her desk, working away on projects say after day. She likes her job. But her purpose is not to push paper or organize data. Every day numerous coworkers come and sit in her office and tell her their problems. She listens and holds space for them; she is a healer.

She did not miss her calling because she’s not a doctor, a nurse or energy healer. Her gentleness and compassion call forth the people who need her and respect her for her insight and honest advice. At this point in time, she is in the perfect place. After all, you can be a healer anywhere there are people, plants, animals or energy.

Spider webLife is full of synchronicities that have a much deeper meaning than we are aware of. Like an intricate cosmic web, life presents us with our path over and over again. Perhaps at this moment, you are also in the perfect place.

And chances are you are already following your path—whether you know it or not! 


Whether you are or are not – the Universe will keep urging you forward, offering you opportunity after opportunity to get on track or stay there.  It will bring people or experiences into your life to help you.

If you feel you are off track, begin to bring more of the authentic YOU into your life and you may be surprised at what doors open. You came here hardwired to be YOU, and are perfectly suited to walk your path. Your life experiences temper you further, adding to your unique expression in the creation of life. One thing that is certain, your path does NOT look like anyone else’s. Nor should it.
There is only one YOU in the universe!
And if you are ever feeling a little lost or unsure… remember “Wherever you are, the path appears beneath your feet.”

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