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Instead of Positive, be Curious!

Higher Self Connection
June 26, 2014
On the Right Path?
July 17, 2014
Higher Self Connection
June 26, 2014
On the Right Path?
July 17, 2014

Guest blog by Delia Yeager from


Here’s an idea – don’t be positive – be curious!


I see a lot of people who are so wrapped up in being positive that they don’t recognize that they have become so judgmental that it can be hard to have a conversation with them.


The desire to contribute only positive energy to the world, especially in these exciting, changing times is a great intention, but you can lose your humanity in it.


Being so focused on being positive can be emotionally abusive to you and those around you.


If the focus is on being positive over honest, or your truth, then it’s adding white lies instead of dark one into the world.


Shaming your own emotions as bad makes it very hard for you to tell yourself or to know your truth.


There are no bad emotions – all emotions, including fear, hate, anger, jealousy, have important things to say. All emotions are part of the internal guidance system our bodies were built with, designed to help us navigate towards what we love and came here to do.


If being negative is to be avoided at all costs, then we unwittingly become liars, to ourselves and therefore others, adding more lies to the world.


These are tricky times. After 30 + years of “thinking positive,” the bullies have gotten used to not having to check themselves or stand down at all.


Personal privacy – invasions of our personal privacy – are so common, we hardly notice them.


The mass cultural training of militarizing society through cultivating hate and treachery through entertainment, sexualizing people for consumer pleasure, teaching everyday people to think like criminals by requiring passwords to everything, Monsanto, no personal right to clean air, water or power, the cover being blown on racism, the epidemic of sexual assaults, mass shootings every couple of weeks, so common the media doesn’t even cover them so often – there is plenty to be scared of and furious about in our modern world. Validate that, and help yourself address the fears, strategize about what to do to make a real contribution.


Making yourself wrong for feeling these feelings is not sustainable, and you deserve to be a safe place to tell yourself what is going on for you. THEN you can negotiate, manage and deal with it but not through suppression and manipulating your own emotions.


Instead of polarizing and constantly judging yourself with good and bad, positive and negative, be curious about what your feelings are and what they are trying to convey to you.


When something comes up, be curious – why is that feeling coming up in this moment? What does it remind me of? When did I feel like this last? When was the first time I felt like this? What is similar to then and to now?


Go from the premise that you are divinely crafted and emotions are intelligent, trying to tell you something, and be curious about what they might be trying to tell you.


Instead of being positive, be curious.


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