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Higher Self Connection

Being in the Flow
June 16, 2014
Instead of Positive, be Curious!
July 2, 2014
Being in the Flow
June 16, 2014
Instead of Positive, be Curious!
July 2, 2014


My first experience with Huna’s Higher Self Connection came in 2005 at an Intro to Huna workshop held by Matt James.  I’d never even heard of Huna before, but went on the recommendation of a friend. What a gift that weekend workshop was!

 Amidst the teachings, we experienced quite a bit of emotional clearing work in order to prep us for the Higher Self Connection, releasing anger, sadness, fear and guilt… in the quickest, easiest, and most gentle way I’ve ever worked with.   Then we went on to ho’oponopono, the powerful Hawaiian forgiveness technique.

All of this clearing work was done so that we could raise our vibration and have a tangible experience of our Higher Self. 

So we cleared… and we cleared… and we were all feeling pretty good …

And then we started the Higher Self process …

Lots of Ha breathing … (I’ve written about the Ha breath previously.)

And then lots of Hawaiian chanting … opening the space … and calling the Aumauka to come…

AumakuaAnd then there was this sensation of energy sitting on top of my head. You couldn’t miss it!  It was incredible!! 

We were directed to raise our hands and feel the perimeter of this ball of energy that all of a sudden was sitting there. Being energy sensitive, it was easy for me to feel. I even put my hand inside that ball, and I could feel all this tingly energy vibrate through my hand.  It was incredible!


I walked away from that workshop understanding how powerful Huna really was…

I hope you can join Wendy Russell and myself as we present the Higher Self Connection once again to the Ottawa area. Wendy and I are both level 3 Huna initiates and we are excited to help you have a conscious and tangible connection with your Aumakua.


Join us September 20th  from 10 am until 4 pm
for a day of energy clearing, chanting and connection to spirit.


For more information please visit the EVENTS page.


Please contact me at Linda@test.thoughtchange.com


Wendy at Wendy.earthandsky@gmail.com.







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