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Being in the Flow

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June 11, 2014
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June 26, 2014
Family Relations
June 11, 2014
Higher Self Connection
June 26, 2014
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Being in the Flow

 Are you in the flow state?

Or are you paddling upstream…


Sometimes life takes some interesting curves.

Just over a week ago, I was contacted by a friend and colleague, who offered me a free ticket to an EFT conference in North Carolina.  I’d love to go… It would be so nice to meet Kathleen in person…  but I thought I’d better check on some of the details before committing.

Turns out the airfare was rather high… to be expected, considering the conference was less than 2 weeks away and in a less-travelled- to destination.

Just before I went to sleep that night, I put it out to Spirit… If I’m supposed to go, I need airfare for $3—something. Next morning I checked online and found flights for $397 with taxes included.  That was hundreds less than when I checked the day before!  OK, this was getting serious!

How can you put something out to the universe, have it hold its end of the bargain up, and then do nothing?  It was my turn to step up.

The hotel room discounted had ended, and wondered if it would be possible to share a room with someone. I casually mentioned to my friend that this was the first time I would be flying solo… (and I was totally Ok with that)… but then I was offered a second free ticket, if I knew anyone who might be interested.

Next thing I knew plans were in place for flights, hotel & shuttle, complete with a roommate and travel partner… and even the room discount was extended.  In less than 24 hours, everything flowed into place, as if orchestrated divinely.

Swirly Waves Glow

I love when life opens in synchroncity.  I feel in the flow, guided and supported… like this is the way it’s supposed to be…

Life is not always alike that though…

Whenever I feel stagnancy, struggle or doubt, there are a number of things that I might incorporate to get back into the flow.


If you find yourself in that place, here are a few suggestions for you…

  • Clearing Work!!  I love to remove the inner road blocks that prevent me from living a joyful life.  I always recommend doing that inner work so you can navigate life’s challenges in a more balanced way.  If you need help, find some!
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh… Watch a comedy or joke with family or friends… and then turn to look at your life with that fresh vibration of fun.  How can you add more of this feeling to your day? There are so many things that can bring joy…
  • Spend some time in Gratitude and Appreciation.  It can be easy to connect to this feeling, even in just simple ways, like noticing the beauty in a flower or the smile of a total stranger.  It opens the heart chakra and feeds the soul.  It is especially powerful if we can turn that feeling of gratitude and appreciation inward to ourselves.
  • Change something!  Bring a little variety into life to open the doors of creativity.  It can be as simple as cleaning a cluttered room, rearranging your furniture or getting a new hairstyle.
  • Find Connection… whether that is to people—new friends or old, a walk in nature to connect to the natural world, or by engaging an activity that stimulates your interest, creativity or joy.
  • Exercise.  Show the universe that you are ready for action! You’ll create some of those feel good endorphins.
  • Look for opportunities that present themselves and say YES!  Don’t see any?  Then ASK! You might be surprised…  The Universe is always looking for ways to flow to you and through you…



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