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September 26, 2019
Light in Your Dark Times
October 12, 2019
Every Wednesday I share a channeled message in my Facebook group, Alchemy from the Inside Out.  These are messages that I have received.


I thought it might be lovely to share here, and beneficial for you too.


 I love the energy of this message, it opens my heart chakra right up. Can you feel an energetic shift after you read it?


“Can you feel the space in your heart open? 
And then fill with your spirit?


It is You, your divinity that fills this space – not something that is outside of you or something that is separate from you.


This beautiful, delicious presence which is You permeates your whole being… when you allow it… when your mind is simply content to be present without the constant barrage of thoughts that take you away from yourself.


If you want more presence in your life, you simply need to bring your awareness to it.
It is always here waiting for you.”



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