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What Would You Choose?

Transforming Emotion
September 7, 2019
October 2, 2019

The last time I got my hair done, my hairdresser was having a rough day. Her frustration had been building throughout the day and by the time I got there, almost everything and everyone was irritating her.  Even the little things that shouldn’t really matter…

I asked her if she would like to let go of the anger, frustration and resentment she was feeling. I offered to help her right then and there, and I would only need a few minutes.  Even though the world of energy work, personal transformation and healing are outside of her normal, I had helped her once before during one of my appointments.

Over a year ago she was experiencing such bad leg pain that she had been hospitalized for a few days, sent home with pain killers and told to stay off her feet as much as possible. As a home-based salon with her as the only hair stylist, this was a challenge. She did her best to follow the medical advice but her leg wasn’t getting any better.

When I went there, she was hobbling even though her work schedule was greatly reduced. I offered at that time to do a quick energy thing to see if it could help her. She was desperate, in pain, at the end of her rope, and she said yes.

After a quick emotional release, she stood up and immediately her walking noticeably improved. When I asked how the issue was next time I came, her assistant said she had no further issues. It had magically cleared up. When I asked her directly, she had no explanation for the sudden improvement, except that maybe that energy thing helped her a bit.

So here we were again, but this time the pain wasn’t physical. When I asked her if she would like a little energy work to release her anger, she stopped, went inside for a moment and then said no.  In this moment of time, she wanted to feel justified in her anger and she wasn’t ready to let it go.

Is that wrong? No.  She was honouring how she felt and recognized that in some way it was benefiting her. Even if she couldn’t see how, that in other ways, it was not.  In that moment, she wanted to stew in her pot of frustration and she understood that.

This is where free will comes in.

We have the power to choose what we focus on, what we are willing to forgive or let go of, and ultimately how we respond. But we are feeding the very situation that disturbs our equilibrium when we give it power through our thoughts, which then fuels our emotion, affects our behaviour and our perspective, and before you know it, our whole day becomes infused with this energy.

Sometimes we lose the power to control those uncomfortable thoughts in certain moments.  It is because some unconscious program has taking over.  And then there are times when we have conscious choice.

What would you do? If you had the choice to release even a few layers of your uncomfortable emotion, in the moment, would you do it? Or would you prefer to let it percolate a bit?  Some people hold on to it so tightly, it becomes ingrained as a pattern and eventually effects the physical body.  Keep your emotional pain for a bit if you must, but I encourage you to do the work you need to do to let it go at some point.

When you are ready to do this kind of work,

reach out,

you might be surprised at what else changes…


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