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One Slight Shift in Direction

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May 17, 2018
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May 29, 2018
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One Slight Shift in Direction


Your thoughts are like a compass, directing your choices, triggering your emotions, and deciding the direction of your life. Your thoughts are so important!

They trigger your emotions, how you feel and your perception of the world and your experiences in it. Thoughts become your beliefs.  In fact, your thoughts are the compass that tells your unconscious where you put your attention, what you desire and expect to experience. Your unconscious then filters the environment around you to show you the opportunities available in line with your thoughts.

Imagine holding a compass and how a slight turn to one side would take you to a whole different place.

It may not seem like a lot, especially at the beginning –BUT it is!


One step in a slightly different direction changes the whole trajectory!


What if you could change the direction your inner compass was pointing? If you could release the past stories and habitual thought patterns that taint your perspective? Or let go of your uncomfortable emotions in the moment? All the unresolved anger, sadness, fear and guilt you hold on to that gets projected into your future? What if you could let go of those limiting beliefs that hold you back? How would your life be different?

Sometimes that is easier said than done. It can feel like the mind has a mind of its own!

When your thoughts and emotions keep you stuck in a vicious cycle, it is hard to find the momentum to shift in the places you want to change. The same mindset that created your current circumstance is NOT the one that holds new solutions and new possibilities.

If you carry forward in the same energy that got you to where you are now, there’s only one way your life is heading… into more of the same. That’s where your compass is pointing.

When you can shift out of your old thought patterns and behaviours, release limiting beliefs and finally let those unresolved emotions go, you’ll find yourself with some unexpected fringe benefits. You connect with your deepest desires. Your natural gifts will surface. Your true passions will become clearer. So will the things that take you out of resonance. You’ll have a keener sense of what is NOT for you.

But there is this thing called free will. No one can do it for you. It doesn’t mean that you have to jump into the deep dark abyss. Sometimes all we have to do is be open to change… open for something new to unfold.

If you want to find more happiness, to improve your health and your relationships… if you want to be stronger and more confident, and better able to handle your life…



Isn’t it time to stop feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut and emotionally exhausted?  Maybe it’s time to turn your compass in a slightly different direct to allow more health,wealth, love and happiness into your life…

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