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Manifesting Goals – a Journey with Elephant

One Slight Shift in Direction
May 27, 2018
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July 16, 2018
One Slight Shift in Direction
May 27, 2018
Finding Magic
July 16, 2018


This is a continuation of a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well.


My intention for this journey was to receive guidance about creating my business in a way that brings joy and fulfillment, that opens my heart, offers development and the ability to prosper.  This journey is taken with Elephant as a representation of Ganesha, the lord of good fortune.  

This was an unusual journey for me. Usually I have rich visuals and my journey seems really real, but this journey the screen of my mind was mostly dark with occasional visuals flashes but with lots of feelings.


Journey with Elephant

I tried to focus on this very large elephant eye but I could only glimpse it. Then I saw a very clear image of panther eyes watching me. I found myself laying on the ground trying to find the stars in a black sky.  It almost seemed like there was a giant ceiling fan above me and as the blades turned, behind them I could see a beautiful purple and white universe, just like Hubble sees when if photographs the birth of a new universe.

I can hear music around me, people dancing and enjoying themselves – but I cannot see them. Because there is so much darkness in my imagery, I wonder if my elephant is blind…

I get a quick glimpse of an elephant with a small red bow tied on its tail – reminiscent of a circus elephant. Somehow I find myself on top, sitting on a red silk pillow with yellow fringes and tassels.

There was a chimpanzee dressed in a red top coat and hat, playing around beside me, trying to be mischievous.  I am sitting there, thumb to index finger, trying to be all serious and the monkey is doing its best to distract me. We are moving, swaying side to side, and I come face to face with a blue and green turtle, coloured similar to the earth. I connect to the elephant’s heart; it encompasses my whole rib cage.


My breath is the elephant heartbeat.


I shape shift into elephant and I’m walking on the path… but I am going slightly downhill  at a comfortable pace.  Then the path curves, gently sloping upward, and I walk by a lush green area beside a lake… the prompt is to picture my immediate steps to take, and there on my right side, behind the trees, I see a huge steel blue, very etherical looking pyramid, epic in size and presence.   I understand the message of this symbol was to make a more concrete focus which will lay the foundation.

I am consciously aware of the sun hitting my 3rd eye energizing it. I bend to the ground, resting my forehead on the earth. I then begin to float on a flying carpet. It is very freeing and expansive. Now the sky is yellow and red, more like a sunset but the sun isn’t setting. I cannot focus on any details. I cannot look into the future. When I look into the elephants eyes, I am between two front legs that look like marble columns.

I give the elephant a gift, pulling out a perfectly cultured pearl out of my heart. It’s large and I am holding it in both my outstretched palms.  As elephant takes the pearl, it gets larger and super imposes on the earth (as pictured from space).

When I meet up with Thoth, I ask him why I could’t see as much throughout this journey.  He told me I cannot see the future yet from the place I stand today, and he reminded me of my “Y” symbolism from Eagle’s journey. I am not at the fork yet (within the ‘Y’).

I ask about turtle and panther. He insinuated I have been hiding in my shell, slow to take the necessary steps, panther represents a spirit energy I carry – a totem that is waiting in the background.  All I could do was sense its powerful presence as I was being counted back into my body.


I had so much more to ask…

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  1. Joan Lang says:

    Very interesting beginning. I don’t know what my journey is going to start with. I need to do some more soul searching.

    • Linda says:

      I think shamanic journeys are a great way to do soul searching Joan, in a way that is fun and often profound! And the beauty of it is that it is in the language of the unconscious so the wisdom can be fully integrated without it necessarily being logical for the conscious mind.

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