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Finding Magic

Manifesting Goals – a Journey with Elephant
June 14, 2018
Being in Resonance
July 27, 2018
Manifesting Goals – a Journey with Elephant
June 14, 2018
Being in Resonance
July 27, 2018

I think I’ve always believed in magic. From a young child, and throughout my adulthood, my sense of awe has not diminished. And I’m certainly no stranger to experiencing magic in my life.

To me, magic doesn’t mean “POOF, all my challenges are gone.”

We might think that would be nice but really, it would just be easy, and where is the growth in that?

To me, magic is many things.  It’s about synchronicity. Little miracles… things that I didn’t think would happen or maybe even could happen. I love the magic awareness brings when I step out of my limited perspective and look at the world from a whole new place. It allows me to open to a whole new world of possibilities.

Magic happens everywhere—in the seeds that go from sleep to life, the flowers that bloom with intricate beauty, the dance of the butterfly.  Sunsets and sunrises and rainbows. We are surrounded by magic.

Maybe when you look at life this way, you open the door to more and more magic.  It seems lately that magical things have been happening in my life even more.


If you’d like to bring a bit more magic into your live,

why not invite it in?


Be open to experiencing more!  Release the need of having to have a conscious understanding of everything.  NOT needing to know the hows and the whys, realizing that you don’t have all the answers and you never will, is enough to open you up to something outside of your perimeter of possibilities.  Be open to believe and to appreciate all the beauty and synchronicity that already exists around you.

Of course, there is an aspect of TRUST and a willingness to experience more…

and then watch for it, acknowledge it and delight in it.


  1. Cai says:

    Great article. Thank you.
    It’s rejoicing in the small things isn’t it?

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