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Being in Resonance

Finding Magic
July 16, 2018
How can you bring high vibe energy into your life every day?
August 9, 2018


Earlier this month, I was interviewed on The Transformation Show telesummit series. It was an interesting experience for me to be on a live interview and take callers. It also spurred on a creative period of product creation (which I am still in the midst of).  🙂

After the  show, I was contacted by a listener who is a skilled and very intuitive healer in her own right, and who knew just by listening to my voice that I was something about me… something different than many of the other interviews she’s listened in on, and who just knew she had to work with me.

It’s all about resonance – something in my energy field, or my voice, or a sparkle in my eye that tweaks something within you. Maybe you get a soul urge or in some other way receive an insight or a push to connect or to work with me. That’s how resonance works.

In your lifetime, you have attracted and repelled people according your needs, wants, dreams, emotions and beliefs, whether conscious, unconscious or of a soul or life path nature.  They are all part of your energetic make up.

Whenever you get those little inklings that magnetically draw you or push you away, I’d encourage you to pay attention.  It’s at this point that your free will kicks in and you have CHOICE.  Some choices make life easier, bring us joy or adventure… and some take us there the long way around!

If you are interested in fine tuning your energy frequency to a higher vibe, there are lots of ways to send you in the right direction.  Do things that bring you joy, share your light with others, be creative and feel gratitude for the good things in your life. It’s also important to let the pain of past hurts go, release old emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs.  That can be a challenging at times!

Sometimes it’s challenging to even recognize that you are carrying these things.  Self awareness and introspection with love, self acceptance and compassion may take practice but it is a skill that will nurture a healthier relationship with yourself and all the others that you attract in your life.

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