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Limitless Thinking

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April 5, 2016
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Limitless Thinking

Too often we feel stuck, unable to see beyond our current situations.  When we believe we are stuck, we are!  Opening the field of possibilities to what you can believe to be, that is the key.

Sky Heart surrounded by cloudsFor when the mind has expectations and perimeters, you can only find what lies within them.  If you truly wish to step beyond your self-imposed limitations, you simply need to be open to possibilities beyond your current perspective.  For truly there are endless manifestations awaiting you, endless joys and satisfactions.

Step outside your limitations. Open your heart and mind.  Feel the pulse of life in each breath you take.

Think beyond your limitations – they are not real.  Self-imposed restrictions, prisons really, that block out the realm of possibilities.  You know not what is real and what is constructed out of fear and control.  Think out of the box!

Continually remind yourself these limits are not real – at least, not real on the higher planes of consciousness.  For anything is possible.  But down here, in this time and place, the limitations seem real.  It feels real.  That is because your unconscious is your willing partner.

To start thinking beyond the limits, begin to dream.  Begin to listen to the stirrings of the heart – not the mind – for logic will only take you deeper down the trap of three dimensional entanglement.

Dream – open your imagination.  Let the possibilities flow. Then choose where you would like your focus to go.  That has been your downfall – in not choosing, for not choosing is a choice, and one that will keep you in stagnancy and limbo.

It is time now to choose.

And relax… for you can always choose again.

Be clear that you wish to live fully, to step forward into higher potential, into fulfillment.  Choose joy, and you will find your rewards beyond your human standard.


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