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Spring Cleaning

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March 31, 2016
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April 20, 2016

April means spring here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Whether you are a plant, an animal or a person, the sunlight is sending the message to wake up and expand into new growth.

It’s also a great time of year to cleanse.  I’ve jumped into my spring cleaning… everything from the refrigerator to old photos and slides.  We’ve been digitizing the ones we want to keep and letting go of the ones that no longer make sense to us.

When you start to release those things that no longer serve you, you’ll be surprised at how light and refreshed you feel. Letting go takes an energetic weight off you and leaves more space for new inspiration. You begin to really sense what resonates with you.

Your thoughts and mental attachments are real things in the energy world. Any congestion can hugely impact your experience of life.

One of my clients has recently turned the corner in her clutter and hoarding struggle.   Her first step was to throw out 2 wheelbarrows full, which is a huge accomplishment for someone who struggles with this kind of issue. Then she began organizing and sorting, and giving away to friends and charities. She has now contacted an auctioneer to clear out her storage space…. and has no desire to hold onto “stuff.”

We needed to do a lot of healing work on a number of contributing issues.  She can’t believe how much energy it cost her to hold on to all those things.  It really is like spring cleaning!  But until you let it go, you really have no idea.  The same is true for grievances, resentments and unresolved emotions. We can be carrying a great deal of baggage in our energy systems!

Take some time to reflect on where you are holding onto things that if you let go would make the world of difference to your life.  Are you willing to let them go?


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