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My Travels to Kona

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September 9, 2013
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My Travels to Kona



Hawaiian IslandsTwo and a half years ago, I headed to Kona on the Big Island for the first time to experience an intensive Huna training. For those who haven’t heard of Huna, it would be considered the shamanic teachings of the ancient Hawaii. My experience of Huna has been a great influence for me, and I practice it daily in some way…


My study of Huna incorporates energy work, psychology and spirituality. The goal is to align the Higher Self, the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious. When the Higher Self is connected to the Lower, it manifests more fully in our conscious experience…  allowing one to have more understanding of their life experience and to have the ability to more consciously create their life.


I had been exposed to Huna back in 2005, haven taken an Intro to Huna course here in Ottawa, ON. From that workshop, I had an understanding of the power of Huna, but I also realized it wasn’t just another healing technique…  In reality it was a way of life – if you wanted the full scope of what Huna offered.


My kumu (teacher) is Dr. Matthew James from Kona University and the Empowerment Partners. Matthew is an excellent teacher—very congruent and an excellent communicator; humorous, and down-to-earth.  Whenever I travel to Kona for another Huna intensive, I return with major shifts… shifts that I welcome.


Over the next little while, I’ll spend some time posting experiences, dreams and teachings in the spirit of sharing.



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