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Dreaming with Geckos

My Travels to Kona
September 11, 2013
The City of Refuge – Pu’uhonua o Honaunau
September 20, 2013


My first night in Kona, HI certainly was memorable. After the long gruelling travel from Ottawa, Canada to the big island of Hawaii, I was exhausted.  I was making the trek for the first level of Huna training – a powerful combination of spirituality, psychology and shamanism.


After we checked into our condo, I went up to my room where there was a gecko hiding… sticking his head out from behind the picture above the bed.  I was  so tired, I didn’t even care.  I crawled in and went fast to sleep.


During the night, I had this incredible dream—rich in colour, detail, symbology and emotion. I immediately wrote itlizard-sandstone out… 4 pages on lined paper. I was so excited about this dream I exclaimed to my roommate that the workshop had already begun!  I knew I was in for an incredible experience.  In fact, a few days into the workshop we had a class on dream interpretation where we all got to analyze a dream. I came prepared!


In the wee hours of that dream morning, I woke up and headed to the bathroom, only to catch the gecko fully exposed on the wall right beside the door.  He was 7 or 8 inches long and green in colour. I hadn’t turned the light on and I must have startled him, just like he startled me. After my slight “aaaa” exclamation, he quickly took refuge behind the nearby dresser. Here was I in my tiredness, apologizing to the gecko for disturbing him, then laughing at myself for talking to a lizard like it was a person.


In class, I was told that geckos are lucky and that they send messages through dreams. Gecko shows how to overcome obstacles, and let go of old perceptions to make room for the new. He teaches how to maneuver through the transitions of mental, spiritual and emotional death and rebirth with tact and grace, and how to emerge successfully in this incredible change within your Self. Gecko shows how to shift perspectives. That certainly seemed to be the cased for me!


I give thanks my new animal totem for the insight given to me in my dream. Mahalo!



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