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Perception and Manifesting

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September 6, 2013
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September 11, 2013

 That which you seek is within you. 

Have you ever heard that expression?  How is it possible that the best place to look for abundance, freedom, happiness or anything else that represents fulfillment in your life is within yourself?  How can that be?

Especially these days when we are bombarded with advertising that wants us to believe that we need that new car, those brand name clothes, and the newest cell phone to ‘live the life of your dreams.’  Sometimes the message is that perhaps a bottle of fine wine at a luxury restaurant or a trip to the tropics can help you forget all your problems… but that’s only temporarily.  Even if you buy into the advertising, are you really fulfilled? Are you really happy?  Or do you just need the next ‘fix’ to make you feel better about your life?

graphic-58495_150The most important thing about everything you seek is your perception.  Whatever you dream and wherever you go, you take all of yourself with you… all those unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, judgments and perceptions. It is also within yourself that you will find true happiness, peace, love and freedom. When you bring light to the darkness or clear away more of your issues, you will find more joy in your life.  Often more inspiration and intuition are available to you as well.

Is there something material you are trying to manifest, create or attract? 

Try writing your goals down and what each item represents to you.  Ask yourself why you want them?  What do you think they will bring you?  A little internal investigating may help you discover what are you really looking for.  Does that relationship you seek represent acceptance, love, financial security, self esteem, or companionship? Are those things lacking within you? To create a genuinely fulfilling relationship, you need to be complete within yourself.  The same goes for a better job, more money, or new house.

As you release more of the blockages that stand in your way, you will find your perception changes, diminishing your need for external fulfillment.

You will become clearer and more opportunity will flow into your life… abundance of all sorts.

You will attract things from a higher vibration instead of from the same depth of past pains.

You will have more understanding and acceptance of self.


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