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December 16, 2014
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January 3, 2015

Raise your vibration with this positive affirmation based poem. ‘I AM’ makes a perfect meditation or prayer to help you create more joy and empowerment in your life.  You might like to tap it through the EFT points.



As I seek, I find.

My soul rejoices.

Spirit sustains me and I AM whole.

Happiness is mine

As I know my Self, my spiritual centre,

And live the wisdom, power & love contained within my heart.


I AM so holy satisfied,

Loving & giving with myself & others.

Gently false beliefs heal and transform,

Giving clear & perfect understanding.


I will NOT limit myself

Or accept the limiting thoughts of others.


My mind is open.


I share with ONE

A clear vision of perfect harmony, Divine Love & knowledge.

As I seek to understand non-judgment,

I see the beauty and spontaneity of All in my life.

From Heart & Spirit, my path is guided by Light & Love.


Guidance is everywhere around me & I AM aware.

I delight with my joyful interaction with angels, guides and teachers

And give thanks to those who come to help me on my perfect path. 

Easily I flow with the gentle rhythm of my life,

Remaining centered & balanced,

Knowing I walk with God wherever I go.

All is in Divine Order and for the Highest Good.

I am gifted with abundance, love, health, harmony & wisdom.


I now choose to use my creativity, my abilities & gifts

for higher levels of achievement.


I AM inspired to greater things,crystal glow

An with an open heart,

I share & inspire others.


The Universe blesses me,

And I accept

With gratitude & appreciation.

All is well in my world.



Snap2Linda Lang is an intuitive coach and healer, guiding you to release patterns, beliefs and emotions that do not support you on your journey, and helping you to step more fully into being your true self. Linda is a certified hypnotherapist, and has been trained in numerous other energy and e-psychology techniques to help you elicit change in a way that is most beneficial for you.


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  1. Beautiful and thank you Linda.

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