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Quiet the Mind (Tapping Script)
December 10, 2014
December 27, 2014
Quiet the Mind (Tapping Script)
December 10, 2014
December 27, 2014


If you know me, you know I love the dream world.  Some dreams help you process your day, and some dreams bring messages, insight and guidance.Strong Foundation

Just over a week ago I facilitated my Root Chakra clearing workshop called A Strong Foundation.  A few days before that workshop I had the most interesting dream about it.

In my dream, I was giving my workshop in my home.  My home was HUGE, spacious, clean and literally sparkling, with light reflecting off most of the surfaces.  My house had a big ‘secret’ room that one no one knew about it except my husband and I.  In the dream, I made the conscious decision that it was time to put this room to use. I was going to hold my workshop in it.

For some reason I had to go out before the workshop began and when I returned, another local healer was there, holding the space for those who had arrived by playing her crystal bowl. They were waiting inside my house.

I was approached separately by 3 women I have never seen before, each with a message for me.  Each stood inches away from me while they looked me in the eye as they spoke.  They felt as real as you and I.

people-23733_640The first woman opened her arms wide and told me that I emanated an energy of peace that was evident from the feeling in my home.

The second woman came up to me, touched my arm, and asked me for a favour.  She said, “When I do this kind of deep clearing work, I need a lot of breaks.  Can we have breaks?”  I told her that I would take very good care of her… that we would have breaks, and if she needed more, to just let me know.

The third woman handed me some kind of magazine that was open at an ad from a reiki healer.  The logo was made up of swirls and filigree, and his name was part of it… only it was written backwards, as if you would need a mirror to read it.  It took me a second to make it out.

She was showing me this because she wanted to know if I ever heard of him, but I had not.  She told me she had taken his training and proceeded to direct energy into my thymus chakra.  I could see a ball of energy and feel it go into my body, and I asked her to stop.

I found myself opening to a new and deeper level of compassion and from that place I explained to her how important it is for energy workers to work only with permission.

I explained how not doing that overrides free will…that it signifies that we lack trust in the Universe when one tries to ‘fix’ someone… (One cannot want healing for someone more than they want it for themselves.)

I told her how important the healer’s intent is – is it based in compassion or is it from a look-what-I-can-do perspective?

I very clearly said, “There is much more going on here than meets the eye.  My energy system was calibrated to facilitate for the maximum benefit of all attendees, and now it has been changed.”  I then asked my energy system if it could simply return to its previous calibration, but it could not.  So I sat quietly to recalibrate before we could begin.
And then I woke up.  Totally amazed by this dream!

It felt so real, like I had real interactions with those 3 ladies.  How blessed was I to receive messages about myself, about the workshop and the quality of work that was being facilitated, and a teaching about energy work?  And to remember them so clearly!


When you have a dream that feels real, that is packed with emotion or messages, Celebrate it! clouds-164757_640


There is another level of YOU coming forward to assist.  Spend the time to journal and interpret your dreams. You will find that your unconscious will open to bring you a treasure of gifts through your dreams.


Needless to say after my dream, I was very excited to offer this workshop!


Thanks go to all attendees for allowing me the privilege to facilitate for them.  I am so pleased everyone had excellent results and that everyone’s needs were met. Still, there wasn’t enough time for the breaks I would have liked!


One participant told me she had a dream that night after the workshop she dreamt that she had a big tote bag filled with smaller bags and all of her other stuff.  She dropped it down a staircase, but when she got to the bottom, it was nowhere to be found.  She had released her baggage!

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