Full Moon Meditation - Thought Change

Full Moon Meditation

The Lower Self
October 9, 2013
October 14, 2013
The Lower Self
October 9, 2013
October 14, 2013

This meditation was written on the Blue Moon in August 2012, but can be used anytime to raise your vibration, and broadcast your intent to the Universe.



I claim the passion present in my life,

as I reconnect to Source within me

ever-present and all-wise.

My heart sings to me

with true insight,

& I know what is pure

within my soul.

I invest my energy wisely,

my choices are clear,

I choose freely & easily,

with self love and respect,

as life offers me incredible opportunities.

I fulfill my desire

to express authentically in the world

with insight and wisdom…

as I have fun and refresh my life.

I recognize and honour my own spirit,

and the spirit within every other living thing.

I am willing to be loved and respected.

Basking in beauty,

I energize my true creative impulses,

expressing bliss,

and accepting more joy in my life.

I align with the communion of holy angels

who assist me and guide me

and show me the way.

Strengthened with sacred clarity,

truth and inner awareness…

this trinity brings me

congruency and centeredness.

Truly I am blessed.

Try tapping it into the EFT points… each line a different tapping point.

 Moon with Frame

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