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Forest Secrets Essence

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December 8, 2013
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December 29, 2013
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Forest Secrets Essence

Forest Secrets is a vibrational essence that helps you ground, center and align.

Forest Secrets English BottleIf you are feeling distracted, over stimulated by mental activity or overly tired, if you can’t unwind or have difficulty falling asleep, consider this remedy.  Great for travellers, students during exams, people who spend excessive time on the computer, or anyone who feels overloaded with information or by mental activity.  It’s also excellent for those who are experiencing shock, injury or falls.  Move from feeling disoriented to being grounded.

Forest Secrets helps bring us back to our Self and gives us a feeling of connectedness with the natural realm.  When you don’t get outdoors in fresh air, nature and light, or if you seek the rush of stimulation, video games or have late nights, if you are unable to focus or feel floaty, allow the forest to bring you back into yourself.

Simply place a 5 – 7 drops on the tongue or in water or juice 3 – 5 times a day.  In acute situations, Forest Secrets can be taken every hour—even more if needed, until equilibrium is restored.


This was one of the essences I took with me on my journey to Peru.  I was pleased to have had it as my travel companion!



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