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Harmony Essence

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December 18, 2013
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December 29, 2013
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Harmony Essence

Harmony essence helps to release and heal emotional and energetic patterns that are frequently associated with the glandular system (pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, adrenal glands).

3 Harmony 

It helps unblock and harmonize communication.  Harmony deals with feelings of mistrust and confusion, and helps bring joy and harmony.  If you have difficulty communicating, feel jealous or disappointed when expectations aren’t met, or struggle with depression, tiredness, mistrust or fear issues, this essence may benefit you.


If you tend to lack coordination, or harmonize with others, if you have scattered thoughts, mental exhaustion or winter blues. This essence may be just what you need!  Also great for mood swings or when one feels overwhelmed.


Simply place a 5 -7 drops on the tongue or in water a few times a day, and you can easily support your endocrine system, your emotional well being and your energy body.  Each chakra has a corresponding gland in the physical body, and this is a wonderful and easy way to feed and balance your system.


I find this essence very gentle, it seems to soften issues and emotions.  Sometimes I will recommend it to take in conjunction with other essences that may have a more intense reaction.  With so many shifts going on these days, both energetically and as old institutions fall by the way side, this essence helps to maintain balance and harmonize the changes.


I feel how this essence smooths out one’s energy field.  It is so effective!  I can feel the shift within moments of taking the drops, and can sense the change in my clients’ fields immediately even over the phone.



Move from confusion to harmony!

One client took Harmony while going through the emotional experience of putting her dog down.  She noticed a difference immediately. It didn’t take the grief away, but it took the edge off, calming her and balancing her.  She gave some to her daughter as well, and it had the same effect.  She became a believer in the power of Tree Essences!

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